Profitable Ad Management for Startups

Startup Growth Experts that build and scale your customer acquisition. We make your ads profitable.
Trusted by fast-growing startups and world-class VCs
The problem

This might sound like you:

You’ve started testing ads but don’t know if you’ve been doing it right

You haven't been able to make your ads profitable yet

You want to scale customer acquisition but haven't found a good way to do so

The solution

Ad Management for teams that value rapid execution

Startups don't need long contracts, minimum spend or extra meetings. They need results, learnings and ads that work.

Startup Growth Experts

Strategists and marketers each with 10+ years experience building businesses. No junior staff.

Fast execution

Get up and running within 7-14 days.
No long wait times to start seeing results.

Always Testing

Regular experiments to find out what works and what doesn’t. Your ads are tested until we find what works. 

Minimal Meetings

We a do monthly strategy call together and spend the rest of our time executing.

We communicate openly and often via Slack + Notion.

Real-Time Reporting

Live performance dashboards so you can see your campaigns in real time.

Low Risk

No long term commitment. Pause anytime. No minimum spend. Spend as much or little as you want.

Ad Platforms

Ad channels we manage







Our process

How we get you started quickly


Book a call to see if you're a good fit.


Fill out some details and do a kick-off call.

Go Live

Your first ad goes live within 7-14 days.


We constantly test and improve your ads.


Here's what worked well for some teams

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what teams we've worked with have said
"Skyamo has helped create a really strong growth culture at acasa.

Theo worked to drive more relevant traffic for us, improve our conversion funnels and reduce our CPA."
Nick Katz
CEO - acasa
“We had started to experiment with ads without clear direction and hadn’t figured it out.

After working together with Skyamo, we had a better picture of what to focus on, what would work for our audience and what next steps to take.”
Alex Chumbley
Co Founder, Fable - YC W21
"Skyamo helped us to define our growth strategy and the acquisition channels to focus on.

The structured approach and great energy really helped to push our team in the right direction!"
Mattis Curth
Co- Founder - Artland

We scale ads across different channels

Our team has years managed large spends across paid social and search.

You get a small, experienced team that consists of a strategist, media buyer, reporting analyst and designer working on your account.

Simple, fixed pricing for nimble startups

We don't take a % of ad spend or require a minimum ad spend. Scale up or down as required.

$4k p/m


For teams looking to get started with paid customer acquisition
Management of one ad channel (Paid Search or Social)  
Multiple Creative + Message Tests
3 Monthly Ad Creatives made for you (video + static)
Real-Time Reporting
Async Collaboration in Slack + Notion
Monthly Strategy Calls
Stripe payments
Cancel anytime. Month to month contracts.

$5k p/m


For teams looking to scale paid customer acquisition
Management of all channels (Paid Search and Social)
Multiple Creative + Message Tests
5 Monthly Ad Creatives made for you (video + static)
Real-Time Reporting
Async Collaboration in Slack + Notion
Monthly Strategy Calls
Stripe payments
Cancel anytime. Month to month contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get asked
Who is behind Skyamo?

It is small but mighty team lead by Theo Ohene, who has 11+ years experience leading growth for VC startups in San Francisco, New York and London.

We've all got 10+ years in the game building some of the fastest growing companies in the US and the UK.

What types of companies do you work with?

B2C and B2B SaaS, Fintech and DTC brands.

You should have at least $1M ARR and not be spending more than $40,000 per month on ads already.

Do you do all the ad creative for us?

We provide you get at least 3 ad creatives per month as part of your plan. But we work best with teams that already have a designer or design agency on board so we can test more creatives each month.

Do you set up the conversion tracking?

We will set up conversion tracking and pixel setup via Google Tag Manager.

We will also support your developers with guidance and specific step-by-step instructions based on your tech stack.

If your needs are more complex, we can set up advanced tracking for an additional fee.

What makes you different?

Unlike most performance marketers who have only worked at large agencies with huge budgets, we're startup specialists who have worked on lower budgets and scaled up accounts.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t hand over the day-to-day management of accounts to junior staff.

You’ll be working with a small experienced team of startup growth experts, each with 10+ years scaling startups.

We set the bar very high in terms of quality.

Isn't it cheaper to hire in-house?

No. We're at least 2x cheaper.

Most good performance marketers cost at least $80,000 per year. It takes time to hire and onboarding them. And that's just one person.

We give you a small team made that consists of a strategist, media buyer, analyst and designer, each with 10+ years growth experience that hits the ground running.  

Long-term it may make sense to hire a team in-house, but our experience, it's wiser to bring someone in when you've validated customer acquisition channels.

Most agencies take a % of ad spend? Why don't you?

Unlike other agencies, we don’t require a minimum spend or take a % of ad spend. Those terms are good for the agency and bad for you as the client. Especially as a startup where you need to stay nimble and things change fast.

Under the % of ad spend model, the agency is incentivised to keep you spending more - not on improving performance or driving more revenue. Instead we work on a fixed fee or performance based model (inquire about this on a call)  so we are focused solely on making sure your ads are working well and profitable - regardless of spend.

What is the time commitment?

Minimal for you.

We do one call per month to share detailed learnings.

Other than that, we work asynchronously through Notion, Google Sheets and Slack.

We share updates weekly in Slack.

I have a marketing team already. Won't your work overlap?

We aim to support marketing leaders and teams who are already overworked and at full capacity. We've been marketers at startups so we know exactly what's it's like having to do everything.

We are there to complement what in-house marketers are doing and make their lives easier - not to eat their lunch.

In-house marketers who were initially apprehensive about us coming in, have come away pleasantly surprised about how well we worked together and have ended up really appreciating our support.

What results can I expect?

We don't promise results. But most teams see at least a 2x return on their investment.

And plenty more in intangibles such as providing you clarity of mind, confidence in next steps and a better quality of user.