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"Theo has a great understanding of growth on both a strategic and operational level" Nick Marshansky - CMO Republic
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It's not easy to grow a company

There are a number of different challenges companies face when scaling.

Lots of teams can spend time winging it when it comes to marketing and growth.

They end up making expensive mistakes and spend ages learning through trial and error.

Here's how a weak growth strategy costs companies:

Takes longer to become profitable

The growth at all costs approach is gone. Companies need to tighten their belts and work on getting to profitability. This requires a focus on optimising the user journey, increasing revenue from existing customers and making better, data-driven decisions.

High Churn

It's expensive to acquire a customer. Good companies focus on acquisition. Great companies focus on retention. If you don't consistently provide value to existing customers, they will leave. You need to wow them early in their experience and keep helping them to achieve their goals.

Waste money on ads

Companies who spend on ads but send traffic to a product that doesn't convert are wasting money.
Ads become less profitable and you waste time optimising the wrong part of funnel. Ads are an amazing tool when used properly. But without the right testing and process, you can end up bleeding money.

Low conversion rates

Poor conversion is often a symptom of poor positioning and messaging. You need to be define a clear position in the market and experiment to figure out what is working or not. This involves a strong experimentation mindset and a willingness to learn. This is hard to get without the right systems in place.

  • New users sign up and leave  

  • Built new features that users don’t see

  • Free to paid conversion rates are low

  • Churn is high and don't have a clear plan to fix it

  • Onboarding falls through the cracks and no one is focus on it

  • Don’t have budget to hire an expensive consultant

It's hard to get new users to see the core value of your product.

New users joinBut most companies aren't set up for success in this area.

Here are some of the challenges facing teams right now - some might be familiar:

Skip the trial and error.
Hit your goals faster.

Stop struggling on your own and get help from someone who's been there and done it.

Improve your growth metrics

I help you set the right KPIs, and bring a data-driven and systematic approach to marketing.

Build a sustainable growth engine

We will work together to find opportunities to drive more conversions and revenue across your user journey.

Understand customers better

I help you create systems to improve your analytics, get more feedback and create better products.

What teams have said:

Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by 30%

We were testing on a number of different channels without clear direction. We had started to experiment with messaging but hadn’t figured it out.

After working together with Theo, we had a better picture of what to focus on, what messaging would work for our audience and what next steps to take.

Alex Chumbley

Co Founder, Fable -
YC W21
Worked with team from Seed to Series B
($150M Raise)

Theo helped set up processes, built useful playbooks and trained team members during a period of rapid growth at Republic.

Analytical, reliable and easy to work with, Theo helped improve some of our key marketing KPIs and set up a strong foundation for us to build on.

Nick Marshansky

Chief Marketing Officer - Republic
Increased 30 Day Retention by 19%

Theo helped us to define our growth strategy and the acquisition channels to focus on. Theo worked closely with our growth team and implemented a strong experiment framework, which we are now working from.

Theo’s structured approach and great energy really helped to push our team in the right direction!"

Mattis Curth

Co- Founder - Artland

The Process

Simple and easy ways to help you move forward

Intro Strategy Call

We jump on a call where I can learn about your business, goals and best ways I can help.

No hard sales. And I will provide you with as many quick wins, that I find.


If we're a fit, I do a audit of your user journey, assets and market.

We come together, analyse your current strategy and find the best ways to move forward for you.

Action Steps

We create a plan to help you hit your goals.  

We look at what worked, what didn't and what experiments you should be running going forward.

Who is a good fit?

Who is this for?

You have product-market fit or are close to hitting it

You have a self-service function to use your product

You offer a free-trial or freemium product

You have a SaaS, direct to consumer tech or mobile App

You get users to your product but they aren't converting

Your free to paid conversion rates aren't as high as you like

You have a team that already executes, you just need some guidance

You are happy to lean on expert advice to learn quicker

You are comfortable taking action

Who is this not for?

You are a pre-launch / early stage company with

You don't have a self-service function to use your product

Sales led teams where you drive your growth from cold outreach.

Hardware or Coaching companies, consultants or creators

eCommerce brands or you sell a physical product that isn't tech enabled

You need someone to come in and do execution campaigns for you

You are happy to spend time learning through trial and error

You aren't comfortable taking action

About Me

I'm Theo, I've love working with ambitious founders solving meaningful problems.
I've helped grow products from 0 to millions of users.
I've been Head of Growth (2x times) and led growth for startups in San Francisco, New York and London. I've been the only marketer in the team and understand the dynamics of scaling a startup.
Growth Advisor. Advised 25+ startups. Mentor at Seedcamp and UCL.
Growth Expert in Residence at Kings College London where I run lectures on Startup Marketing
Companies I've worked have been backed by:





Actionable workshop that gets results fast.
90-120 min workshop

Practical online or in-person workshops
Initial User Journey Audit
Post Workshop Playbook
Access to all my courses, frameworks and templates
30 min check in (1 month after)
Book an intro call



Fractional CMO

Build the right foundation before your key hire.
Typical engagement: 4-6 months

Up to 4x Weekly Advisory Sessions
20 hours async time per month
Oversee growth strategy and budget
Initial audit of marketing assets, analytics stack
Build out a 3-6 month roadmap
Book a free strategy call
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Looking to train your Accelerator? Get started here

What teams have said:

Theo identified some great growth opportunities for us. We are now experimenting more effectively and talking to our customers more. Theo provided lots of value for Shoobs.

Louise Broni-Mensah

Founder of Shoobs - YC, W15

Theo has the ability to come into your business, identify a problem and put solutions in place immediately. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Theo.
Work with him as fast as you can!

Kirien Sangha

Product Marketing - Meta

We all really enjoyed our internal growth workshop with Theo and it's really helped us focus on what needs to be done in the here and now - with clear actions.

Louise Weiss

Co- Founder - Dotte

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't happy after the first month and we're not a good fit, you will get a 100% of your money back.


How much does it cost?

Prices start from:

• Workshops: From $3k (90 mins)
• Advisory: From $2.5k per month
• Fractional CMO: From $7k per month

What areas can you advise me on?

I advise across a number of areas. In particular:
• Growth Strategy
• User Onboarding
• Customer Acquisition
• Growth Models
• Conversion Rate Optimisation
• User Experience
• Email marketing / automation
• Analytics / Reporting
• Marketing Operations

What don't you do?

For Workshops and Advisory, I don't do:
• Hands on Execution
• Project Management
• In-depth Training

What counts as execution work?

Day to day activities or anything that is going out into the market. For example:
• Writing experiment docs
• Running reports
• Sending emails
• Writing copy
• Setting up ad campaigns.

How long do you usually work with companies?

Usual engagements are 4-6 months. I have worked with companies longer than this

What type of people can you refer?

I have a network of marketers and designers I work with. This includes paid ads specialists, graphic designers, UX / UI Designers, copywriters, CROs, analysts

What happens if we're not a fit?

You can get a 100% refund. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if we're not a match after the first month.

What kind of results can I expect?

I can’t guarantee results but I’m confident that whatever goals we set, we can hit them together.

Stop making expensive mistakes

Get a partner who can help you to learn faster and achieve your goals.

Book a free strategy call
Come away with at least 3 actionable ideas
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