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Practical and Interactive Workshops


Growth strategy

Unsure what direction to go to grow? Strategy is key to this. After this workshop, you will be able to quickly fill out a growth strategy roadmap for your product.

This workshop covers:
  • How to get to product market fit and beyond
  • How you can use data to guide decisions and improve performance
  • Ways to build systems for learning and feedback
Remote Teams

Idea Validation

The first step to idea validation is understanding your customer’s needs or wants so that you can determine if there is a real need for your product.

This workshop teaches you ways to do this quickly and effectively.

This workshops covers:
  • How to research your problem area
  • How to find and speak to prospective customers
  • Methods to understand your target audience better
Human Resources

No Code Workshop

Creating an early version of your product or MVP can be daunting, especially if you aren't technical.

This workshop covers:
  • What is an MVP and how to create one
  • How to provide value with your early version
  • How to build landing pages, 1 page websites, automations and apps
  • How to use tools like Zapier, Carrd, Glide and Marvel

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What some workshop attendees have said

Theo's workshop was amazing, he combined things I've picked up about in 2 years and many youtube videos into about 90 mins!

I found the most valuable part that he focused it on action. This was instead of giving us advice or suggestions and leaving us to it. I found that, and his high energy, fast-paced and concise delivery incredibly helpful

Lisa, Founder

Really enjoyed the fast pace
of the workshop, allowing little
time for perfectionism and
just pushing our ideas. Loved it!
So good!

Tom, Tech Consultant

Really inspiring. Trust me, I did
not expect this level of training
and experience.

Julian, Student

I just loved it! Thanks

Shelley, Coach

Fantastic workshop! Anyone interested in starting their own venture should definitely attend.

Maya, Founder

I am delighted to have learned so much in such a short time, thank you for this nice experience!!

Heela, Student

Amazing session my brain hurts but for all the good reasons.

Anna, Student

I found the Idea Validation workshop  that you gave earlier today really useful, especially all the resources you provided.

Jun, PHD Researcher

Great workshop today, thank you so much for taking the time to put this great programme together.

Michelle, UX Designer

Just wanted to say thank you for the workshops, it's been really helpful!

Elisabeta, PHD Researcher

Thanks for the great workshop!

Theresa, Associate Director

Really awesome bootcamp!
Would tell everyone to join!

James, Postgraduate Student


Are the workshops in-person only or online?
The workshops are usually remote and in-person. Due to the current climate, it is preferred to do remote workshops for the time being.
Who are the workshops for?
Workshops are suitable for pre-launch startups all the way up to Scale-ups who are generating considerable revenue.
What is the maximum capacity for workshops?
Workshops can be up to 250 attendees. It is recommended to do up to up to 150 however so it is more intimate and everyone can feel free to get involed.

“Theo delivered an absolutely fantastic training session and we received such great feedback from our ventures about it”

Natasha Triay - Head of Accelerator, London Met University

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