It's hard to go from startup to scaleup

Build your sustainable growth engine without the guesswork

Growth Advisory for Series A / Series B fintech startups

Is this you?

The product has found some product/market fit and you have money in the bank after after raising a good round in a tough market.

Through trial and error, the team has uncovered some growth levers that work but you want to scale them and find some more channels. 

The team is getting bigger and there's more data - but you’re not making better decisions or feeling any more confident in your next steps.  

Although you’ve got some things to work, you know you need to do more to take your company to the next level. 

Ultimately, you need to grow faster.

Here are some of the challenges you may be facing:

  • Growth has stalled and your struggling to get everything back on track
  • Data is not helping you make decisions or be confident about your next steps.
  • You don’t know who your Ideal Customer Profile is or how to communicate what you do
  • You are driving traffic to your site but users aren’t converting into customers. 
  • Your churn is high and it’s affecting your ability to grow sustainably

Bringing in an advisor to help you get there can have a huge impact. 

Does this sound like you?

You don’t run enough experiments or get insights fast enough
Your churn is high and it’s affecting your ability to grow sustainably
Data is not helping you make decisions or be confident about your next steps.
Growth has stalled and your struggling to get back on track
You don’t know who your Ideal Customer Profile is or how to communicate what you do
You haven't tested paid media or the results were underwhelming
You are driving traffic to your site but users aren’t converting into customers. 

What if you could...

  • Uncover more growth levers and scale new acquisition channels
  • Improve the volume and quality of new users signing up
  • Make your marketing more efficient with lower customer acquisition costs and quicker payback periods
  • Reduce churn and convert more free users to happy long-term customers
  • Get actionable insights quicker so you can be more confident in your next steps
  • Identify your Ideal Customer Profile and create a unique position in the market
  • Track results of your growth initiatives, demonstrate an ROI and make better decisions
  • Create marketing reports that give your investors confidence
  • Coach, guide, and mentor the marketing team to allow them to level up

Some companies I've worked with:

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Areas I help:

To get sustainable results, we will need to evaluate and optimize the entire customer journey—focusing first on the areas most likely to drive your success.

The areas I mostly commonly work within include, but are not limited to the following:

Go To Market Strategy

  • Growth Models  
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Monetisation

Marketing Leadership

  • Training Teams
  • KPI Setting
  • Agency Procurement

Positioning & Messaging

  • Customer Research
  • A/B Testing / Messaging Validation
  • Jobs To Be Done (JTBD)

Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Landing / Sign up Pages
  • User Onboarding / In -App
  • Experiment Design

Analytics & Marketing Operations

  • Event Tracking and attribution
  • Funnels + Cohort Analysis
  • Automations and systems

Acquisition & Performance Marketing

  • Search & Paid Social
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Marketing

How it works:

Here's the process for working together.

  1. Book a call: We jump on a call where I can learn about your business, goals and best ways we can help. No hard sales. I only work with a small amount of users at one time so we're checking for mutual fit.
  2. Audit: If we're a fit, I do a deep audit of your product, user journey, analytics and market. We come together, analyse your current strategy and find the best ways to move forward for you.
  3. Iterate: Based on data, customer feedback loops, and a small dose of intuition, we'll double down on what's working. We eliminate what isn't, and clear the necessary roadblocks to help you keep growing as your needs evolve.

What you get:

You and one person get six months of private and unlimited 24/7 access to me via Slack or email.

  • Up to 4 strategy sessions per month with you and up to 3 people from your team.
  • A formal growth strategy and systems that evolve over time.
  • Access to my startup growth playbook with templates, frameworks and SOPs
  • Introductions to my personal network of vetted marketing and design specialists.
  • Include me on key supplier calls and emails for added oversight, feedback, and collaboration
  • A customised KPI dashboard to give you clear visibility into your numbers.

Startups I've worked with been backed by:

Teams I've worked with have gone on to raise over $200M and are valued at over $1.2B

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Here is what founders and senior marketers I've worked with have said:

I learnt more in an hour with Theo than I had in the past 6 months of learning on my own. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Theo. Work with him as fast as you can!
Kirien Sangha
Analytical, reliable and easy to work with, Theo helped improve some of our key marketing KPIs and set up a strong foundation for us to build on.
Nick Marshansky
We have worked together on multiple startups over the years, I trust and recommend him when it comes to growth.
Leo Galley
Director of UX
Theo has helped create a really strong growth and learning culture at acasa. He worked to drive more relevant traffic for us, improve our conversion funnels and reduce our CPA
Nick Katz
Theo helped us revisit and map our customer journey, devise experiments, and empower members of the team to have more clarity around ownership and specific metrics.

We now have greater alignment across the org and found ways to get our customers to our core value faster. Removing blockers is one of Theo's superpowers! We have learned a lot from working with him, and we are a stronger team because of it
Pedro Moura
Flourish Fi
We have been exploring different avenues to increase the effectiveness of our onboarding in order to ensure that users reach their first AHA moment and continue to be excited about using our platform.

Theo did a fantastic job auditing our onboarding flow and made actionable recommendations to improve it. Always an absolute joy to work with him and I can not recommend enough the value he adds.
Lenny Leemann


The investment starts at $4,500 per month with a 4-month minimum term. This investment is much less than the cost of:

  • Inaction. Not making a change can be expensive.
  • Not raising that next round of investment
  • A full time Head of Growth / Chief Marketing Officer (usually $150,000) and only 20% work out
  • An agency. Good ones start at $5,000 and they rarely give strategic oversight

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren't happy after the first month and we're not a good fit, you will get a 100% of your money back.


Why Fintech?

Growing financial technology products require a certain set of skills that I have acquired over the years. You need to understand compliance, human psychology and markets.

What channels do you focus on?

I am channel agnostic. I don’t shoehorn based on what I know best. I assess your situation and provide a tailored roadmap based on your needs.

Why shouldn’t I just get an agency?

Agencies are great when you have a very clear idea about your problem and you just need executing on it. Most startups and scaleups have more nuanced challenges that require strategy.

Agencies also will work on what they’re best at vs what you need.

I'm a strategist first. So I diagnose and then find the best channel, expert and tactic for your specific problem.

When you work with an agency, you often get access to one or two senior experts but most of the work then gets delegated to junior or less expensive team members who often take longer, make more mistakes, and learn on your dime.

When you work with me, you'll get my decade plus experience and introductions to individual specialists who work quickly and expertly—without the steep learning curve required—giving you better results faster and with less management required.

Why shouldn’t I hire someone in house?

Long term you should. Our goal is that over time you can bring in the right team. Saying that, it takes time to hire and the best people cost $120,00+. And that’s just one person. I give you 10+ years growth experience that hits the growth running.

What types of companies do you work with?

Fintech, Crypto and SaaS companies

You have raised a seed round or if bootstrapped be $500k ARR and above.

I have a marketing team already. Won't your work overlap?

My goal is to support marketing leaders and teams who are already overworked and at full capacity. I've been marketers at startups so we know exactly what's it's like having to do everything.

I'm there to complement what in-house marketers are doing and help to provide different perspectives - not to eat their lunch.

In-house marketers I've worked with who were initially apprehensive about us coming in have come away pleasantly surprised how well we worked together and ended up really appreciating our support.