Books non-technical founders should read to create better products

As a Founder, you are in the business of solving problems. Whether you can code or not shouldn't prevent you from focusing on solving your user's problems.

A good non-technical founder knows how to work with engineers and UX designers to create a successful product that will be well received by users.

To help you out on your journey, here are some books every non-technical founder should read:

The Mom Test

Teaching you to ask the right questions + talk to users.



Lean Startup

Bible for startups and companies who wish to grow fast.


Making Ideas Happen

Framework for making sure you execute.



Build addictive products with this. Scarily effective.




Practical guide on bringing teams together to deliver great products.


Intercom on Onboarding

First impressions are key and nailing onboarding is a must for a product to be truly great.

Lean Analytics

How you need to think about analytics. Must read.


Don’t Make Me Think

Make your product as simple as possible.


Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty

Understanding design systems gives you an edge. Value good design.


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