10 Books to make you a better marketer

The marketing industry is always evolving, and it's hard to stay on top of the latest trends. It can be difficult to keep up with everything, and so I don't suggest you do.

Most marketing books are rubbish. They are out of date or after the first few chapters, they are filled with nonsense.

The concepts in these books are timeless. (Almost!)

Here are some of the most influential books I've read on marketing.

Reading them will make you a better marketer whether you are a marketer, founder or designer.

These insightful reads cover everything from the psychology of persuasion to how to sell by listening.

Hacking Growth

Everything you need to know about creating a growth process.



Lean Analytics

How you need to think about analytics. Must read.




Ogilvy on Advertising

The guide to advertising by the Godfather of advertising.



Purple Cow

Stand out. Be memorable.



Tipping Point

Find a superconnector and get your messages spreading quickly.




Apply these principles to make things go viral. Recommended by the late Nipsey Hussle who was inspired to sell his album Crewnshaw for $100 after reading this book. He sold 1,000 copies



Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Learn how to persuade.




You just need to nail one marketing channel to grow. How to find it.




Making Ideas Happen

Framework for making sure you execute.




Damn Good Advice

Be an independent and bold thinker. Let creativity seam through everything you do.





Spin Selling

Ask questions. Make sales by listening and asking the right questions.

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