Proven frameworks for growth. Stop guessing.

Save weeks of trial-and-error learning time with a personalised growth strategy that immediately moves the needle on your growth.
Identify high ROI opportunities
Improve your key activation funnels
Reduce churn with better communication
Drive new audiences to your product
Trusted by Universities, Accelerators and Startups across the world

Hit your goals quicker

Tailored growth strategy for your product
Understand your audience and market better
Cut your learning curve
Achieve results in weeks, not months.
Discover actionable systems that you can implement straight away
Take all of the pain out marketing

How it works

Growth Audit + Competitive Analysis Report
We perform a rigorous audit of your performance so far.
  • Your key product funnels are analysed, and we look to see how you are performing around retention.
  • We create a competitive analysis report so you can see what is working well in your market and what you can learn from your competitors so you can move faster.
Kick Off Session
We connect on a video call and set up targets.
  • We work together to set your Objectives and key Results (OKRs).
  • We then help you dig deeper into who your audience is, how they behave.
  • You will come away with robust, behavioural personas based on your user's problems and their Jobs to be Done.
Signup and Checkout Review
The areas where you get your main sales are reviewed:
Sign up, onboarding and checkout flows.
  • This is a ~ 1 hour video where we provide tips on how to increase conversion and drive sales.
  • You will come away with 5-10 recommendations for you to improve bottom of funnel.
Audit email sequences
How you communicate with your users is crucial to retention and long term growth.  
  • Your key email sequences are audited so you can send the right message at the right time.
  • We also create ways for you to get more feedback from your users.
Tactics for driving new customers
You need to be constantly engaging with potential new customers in order to grow. You come away with:
  • 10-15 Growth ideas that could help you middle and top of funnel
  • A growth board filled with ideas and templates

What some Founders have said about Skyamo

Theo is the rare type of trainer who blends the theory with the strategy with the execution. I learnt more in an hour with Theo than I had in the past 6 months of learning on my own. Theo has the ability to come into your business, identify a problem and put solutions in place immediately. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Theo. Work with him as fast as you can!

Kirien Sangha, Senior Product Manager - Kroo

"Theo identified some great growth opportunities for us. We are now experimenting more effectively and talking to our customers more. Skyamo provided lots of value for Shoobs."

Louise Broni-Mensah, Founder of Shoobs - Y-Combinator, W15

"Skyamo helped us to define our growth strategy and the acquisition channels to focus on. Theo worked closely with our growth team and implemented a strong experiment framework, which we are now working from. Theo’s structured approach and great energy really helped to push our team in the right direction!"

Mattis Curth, Co-Founder of Artland - Forbes 30 Under 30

"Theo is an excellent marketer who has a great understanding of growth on both on a strategic and operational level. Theo set up processes, built useful playbooks and trained team members during a period of rapid growth at Republic. Analytical, reliable and easy to work with, he helped improve some of our key marketing KPIs and set up a strong foundation for us to build on. I have enjoyed working with Theo and would recommend anyone looking to work with a top-tier growth marketer."

Nick Marshansky, CMO, Republic

"Theo was a pivotal part of building and expanding our marketing efforts at Regal Gentleman, introducing us to real-world ways to analysis our e-commerce data, know what tests we need to make and get a better grip of how to fundamentally increase our sales. For the one year we worked together, I can safely say we have come out as a better business, but also better marketers who better understand how to maximise our audience and conversions"

Josh Blackburn, Co-Founder, Regal Gentleman
Growth Roadmap

Personalised growth strategy that gets results.

Use the frameworks used to grow VC backed startups for your company.

You get a custom growth strategy for your business that is focused around improving your growth straightaway. This includes:

  • 10-15 Page Report
  • 2 Video reviews
  • 1 Video call
  • Backlog of Growth Ideas
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How long does it take?
Your roadmap will be ready 2-3 weeks from when everything is confirmed and paid for.
What types of businesses is this useful for?
Consumer apps, Software as a service, eCommerce, Fintech, consultants/ coaches and most online businesses that have customers or users.
What stage company is this for?
Companies that are close to finding or have found product / market fit. If you are yet to launch or are very early stage, I suggest you look at the Startup Growth Roadmap.
What do I need to get started?
Not much - access to your main analytics tools (Happy to sign NDAs), send your email flows. Don't need much more than that.

Just need some quick growth advice?
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1-1 Growth Session

Get actionable advice on your current strategy.

Book a one-off session with Theo. After the session, you will come away with 2-3 actionable ideas that you can implement straight away.
Coaching Session
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