How to build trust on landing pages

Theo Ohene
October 16, 2023
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1) Be Contactable

Provide ways for a customer to contact you.

This makes them feel more comfortable.

Have live chat or a contact form.

Show your office location.

Nutmeg uses their footer to show different ways you can contact them.

And legal bodies they are part of.

2) Emphasise Security

Many tools we use have important details on us.

So visitors are rightly cautious.

Ease their fears by showing how secure your product is.

Make it clear how you protect the user.

Use security icons.

Wise have a section dedicated to security.

3) Third-Party Reviews

Anyone can make up a testimonial and add to their site.

But a third-party review isn't so easy to game.

Build trust by pulling in reviews from:
• Trustpilot
• Twitter
• ProductHunt

Marshmellow show the 10K+ reviews they got from Trustpilot.


4) Highlight Awards + Surveys

Surveys, awards and polls are great for credibility.

They show you are a leader in the space.

And vetted by respected people in the space.

Showcase awards and great quotes you earn.

Monzo highlight the independent service survey results they won and the kind words said about them.

5) Leverage Logos

Having leading companies as customers, means you are credible.

Stripe promotes some of the huge brands they work with.

If you integrate with other tools, use those logos too.

The visitor already trusts those products.

So it makes it easier to use yours.


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Theo Ohene

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